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The best way to find the right technology solution for your business is to work with a vendor-neutral Trusted Technology Advisor.

A more powerful way to source and manage IT

New World now powered by AppDirect

New World has partnered with AppDirect, one of the world's largest, fastest-growing technology marketplaces.

Now powered by AppDirect, New World has even more significant expertise and negotiating power with access to 700+ of the world’s top technology service providers. The AppDirect partnership empowers New World to find, evaluate, and buy virtually any technology you need while saving you time and money.

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New World + AppDirect provides You with:

  • Direct access to  700+ technology providers
  • Tools to more efficiently manage your tech stack
  • Insight into your technology data and usage

Discover the power of New World now powered by AppDIRECT

The problem with technology improvement projects

Where did you experience pain points during your last major technology change?

Complicated changes to your organizational technology stacks are often hindered by:​

  • Corporate politics or favoritism
  • Vague requirements from stakeholders
  • Fast-turnaround and timelines
  • Demand for deep research
  • Conflated sales and implementation processes
  • Just to name a few…

To improve the quality of their project, IT leaders and executives often seek the consultation of a Trusted Technology Advisor.

The power of a Trusted Advisor is their ability to provide expert advice independent from internal and external stakeholders, and to act in your best interest — All at no cost to you.

Trusted Advisor, Managed IT, & Technology Broker Services

Wise advice, smarter purchases, smoother projects

A Trusted Advisor provides you with objective, expert advice from someone independent from your organization. A seasoned technology advisor will improve your project success as a neutral party, free from influence from stakeholders, but always providing value to you and your best interests.

Trusted Technology Advisors & IT Broker Services:

  • Listen as an outsider and provide insight and value into your project and goals
  • Collaborate with you to more accurately define project requirements
  • On your behalf, evaluate and provide vendor-neutral recommendations
  • Negotiate with providers to get the best solution at the right price
  • Provide implementation management and on-demand support
Providing businesses with benefits of the cloud
New world appsmart technologies

Your Source For World-class Managed IT Solutions

The easiest, most scalable way to buy business technology

One-stop to all the top technology service providers, giving you access to virtually any technology solution you need.

With New World & AppDirect you get a leading provider of cloud applications, providing outstanding support while allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Here’s a peek at New World powered by AppDirect Technologies:

AppDirect’s SaaS, connectivity, energy, security, UCaaS, and mobility providers offer you exceptional solutions, while our tech consultants bring unbiased advice to help you decide which technology best meets your needs.

Threat Detection & Incident Response
DDoS Mitigation
Malware , Virus & Phishing Protection

Microsoft Office 365
Google G-Suite
Application Services
Digital Signatures (eSign)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
ERP Solutions
Client Based Security
IT Service Management (ITSM)

Microsoft Azure
Google GCP
Amazon AWS
Hosted Infrastructure
Public, Private, & Hybrid Cloud
Data Center & Collocation
Disaster Recovery
Managed Office 365

Contact Center
CRM Integration

Professional Services
Managed 365
App Help
IT Service Management (ITSM)
MSP/ ITaaS (IT as a service)
Help Desk
Field Services/Remote Hands
Telecom Expense Management

Hosted Voice
Mobility Integration
Video & Web Conferencing
Collaboration Tools

Wireless Services
Expense Management
Internet of Things (IoT)

EV Charging
Backup Power
Water, Waste & Expense


New World Will Earn Your Trust As Your Technology Advisor

Your On-Demand, No-Cost* Technology Advisor

No-cost expert advice from respected technology experts — That is the relationship you will have with New World.

On-Demand means New World is ready to engage at your pace. In every step of the relationship your New World advisor will strive to provide value to you and your project.

What's the Proof?

Since 1999, New World advisors have helped hundreds of leaders like you achieve goals on time and on time. Their decades of experience completing successful tech, networking, and telecom projects will help you through evaluating, negotiating, and implementing the right solutions – And all at no cost to you.*

*How can New World offer services at no cost? Simple, just like other Trusted Advisors, New World earns a commission on the technology solutions that their clients decide to purchase (see more in FAQs). A few specific services New World provides do carry a cost based on the scope and scale of work. 

The New World Process:

How It Works: Start & End With Listen

The team at New World brings decades of experience in IT service brokering. Their combined experience running thousands of IT projects gives you an unique advantage.

The team at New World will start with a deep discovery of your needs and business goals. Then, they will immediately work to find the best solutions and ensure they work for you. Next, New World will provide you with the highest quality of support for you and your business.

New world appsmart process

Phase 1


Even the best intentions can go awry without a well-laid plan. We listen to your goals during our planning phase, develop a project scope, and engage together on all deliverables you need.

  1. Listen – Help New World get to know you and your business, your stakeholders, and your unique challenges, concerns, objectives, timeline, and budgets
  2. Scope – New World will help you narrow down your target services, decision matrix, deliverables, timeline, must-haves, and nice-to-haves
  3. Engage – You will collaborate on a one-page service agreement formalizing requirements, deliverables, and applicable pricing (if any)

Phase 2


We don’t just talk. We deliver. We source qualified providers during the delivery phase, negotiate terms as part of your entire team, and help finalize all agreements and services.

  1. Sourcing – Using the AppDirect platform, New World will find multiple qualified providers, conduct supplier interviews, and prepare budgetary and comparative cost analysis
  2. Negotiating – As part of your team, New World will leverage AppDirect’s buying power to help refine pricing and terms to ensure the most favorable outcome 
  3. Contracting – New World will finalize all agreements and service orders for your chosen supplier and help you execute, countersign, and file all documents

Phase 3


You’re never in it alone. Our team supports you as a strategic partner in all aspects of implementation, project management, account management, and lifelong partner support.

  1. Implement – Working alongside your team, New World will project manage the implementation, holding suppliers accountable for timely and accurate deliverables
  2. Support – Your New World team is ready to provide overlay account management and escalation support in addition to your suppliers’ account teams
  3. Grow – When you need it, New World is ready to serve you as your Trusted Advisor, determined advocate, and lifelong partner in improving your business and your life

Business technology solutions are increasing exponentially. With streamlined focus and New World’s strategic selection process; finding, evaluating, and implementing technology is now greatly simplified, with minimal impact to your team, no loss of control, and no additional expense.

IT Consultants. Technology Brokers. Your Trusted Advisor.

Get To Know Your New World Trusted Advisors

New world dan dumler

Dan Dumler

Trusted Advisor

Dan likes to say that he was “born into telecom” as his dad was a lifelong employee of AT&T. He brings almost 40 years of executive leadership and IT experience to New World.

Starting his career in telecom in 1982, he has held executive leadership roles in network engineering, IT operations, and Sales Engineering with extensive experience integrating IT and technology through dozens of acquisitions and mergers.

New world sam cuccia

Sam Cuccia

Strategy & Partnerships

Starting right out of college, Sam jumped into telecom in early ‘88, and has not looked back since. Bringing over 23 years of industry experience to the team, Sam’s focus is on maintaining a culture that is servant-based, focused on need (both in and outside the company) and communicating the mission and vision to vendors, partners and most importantly our valued clients.

Sam is passionate about living out his faith in all areas of his life, and enjoys time spent with family on the beach, golf, and serving along friends.

Meet With A New World Advisor

No worries. No surprises. No hidden fees.

Get started with the best way to find the right technology solution for your business by working with a vendor-neutral Trusted Technology Advisor.

You can also call at 972-690-7017 and say “sales”.

More About AppDIRECT

New World + AppDirect Gives You A Smart Advantage

You’ll be making faster, more informed evolutions to your technology with A New World Trusted Advisor & The 700+ AppDirect Suppliers

The New World & AppDirect partnership gives you direct access to shopping the growing marketplace of technology service providers so your business can evolve with the times.

World-class Technology Solutions + highly personal Managed IT and IT Brokerage Services for every area of your business.

New world appsmart technology wheel

What To Expect in The Future of AppDirect

Your Unified Experience For Evaluating, Buying, Managing Technology

The future of New World powered by AppDirect is more than just a marketplace.

New world appsmart marketplace

In the future and with your partnership with New World, you will have direct access to the 700+ technology solutions providers in the AppDirect Marketplace. In this one-stop-shop, you will be able to research, purchase, and implement your IT solution with ease — All with the help of your trusted New World Advisor. 

New world appsmart office

You will have all your cloud applications in one place that gives you quick access to all your business technology. 

New world appsmart appsmart search

AppDirect Search will give you the power to search and filter all your apps and files at once with Smart Search. Drill down into individual apps to find and reuse documents.

New world appsmart appsmart feeds

With AppDirect Feeds you’ll be will be able to opt-in for real-time notifications from all your applications, files, emails, and spreadsheets in one place so you can make faster, better decisions.

New world appsmart appsmart idenity

AppDirect Identity will give you more efficiency and security with a powerful toolset that includes single sign-on, directory integration, user management, and much more.

Meet With A New World Advisor

No worries. No surprises. No hidden fees.

Get started with the best way to find the right technology solution for your business by working with a vendor-neutral Trusted Technology Advisor.

You can also call at 972-690-7017 and say “sales”.

Frequently Asked Questions

New World serves you and other IT leaders in 5 key ways:

  • Advising as an independent party for your project, free from stakeholder influence.
  • Challenging your assumptions by providing constructive feedback in order to help you avoid or anticipate pain points.
  • Sourcing the right technology solution that meet your business goals by researching and evaluating providers.
  • Brokering deals and drafting contracts in your favor to make sure you get the best value and support.
  • Guiding you through the implementation process and providing an additional layer of project management over your team and your technology provider.
    All these services are provided at no-cost* to our client

*95% of the work we do is at no-cost. However, depending on the scope and scale of your project, a few specific services may require additional cost.

Speak to an Advisor

See New World’s Process

A Trusted Advisor, or Trusted Techology Advisor, is a consultant whose goal is to help you make smarter, more profitabled decisions in regards to the purchasing and implementation of your business technology. An advisor will be a guide and mentor with you all throughout the life of your project. 

New World Trusted Advisors will expand the effectiveness of your team as they work on behalf of you and your company. Trusted Advisors will spending the many hours required to research, evaluate, negotiate, and support the best solutions for your business.

Almost all services provided by a Trusted Advisor are free of charge.

Speak to an Advisor

See New World’s Process

You will find there are many productive ways to work with a Trusted Adivsor:

  • Have them evaluate, validate, and critique your project proposal to help avoid blindspots and pain points.
  • Set them to task researching and interviewing potential service providers. Have your advisor provide a short list of highly vetted candidates for your additional review.
  • Ask them to analyize and generate reports comparing key metrics like price of services, cost to implement, general budget impact, development timelines, etc. 
  • Use them to improve ease of implementation by providing overlay project management, training support, and advocating for you with your solutions provider.
  • Free up your time and use your Trusted Advisor as your single point of contact with all your providers in your technology stack.
  • These are just a few — New World’s Trusted Advisors have the heart to serve you and will always put your goals first. 

Speak to an Advisor

See New World’s Process

AppDirect is a Master Technology Services Broker that have 700+ technology solutions providers plus tools to help manage your IT stack. AppDirect works with the worlds best companies to provide B2B technology solutions for every area of your business (see solutions). 

When you work with New World, you have the entire AppDirect marketplace at your service. 

See More About AppDirect

An technology/IT broker will act on your best interest to source, negotiate, and contract the best suited business technology solution at the best price for your needs. A broker will also help facilitate the implementation of your IT service. They will work as the bridge between your team and your new technology provider, allowing you to focus your time in other key aspects of your job.

Managed IT is the general term for the services provided by a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP). Managed IT services is the practice of using an independent/third-party provider to take responsibility of certain IT functions for your company. Working with an MSP will extend your companies internal IT capabilities and can be very useful when you need outside advice or expertise in a specific technology. Additionally, most MSP will require retainer-based service-level agreement. 

As your Managed IT Service Provider, New World specializes in evaluatin, negotiating, contracting, and implementing IT. Most services come at no cost when working with New World. New World does not replace your day-to-day management of your technology, but provides additional overlay management, a single point of contact for your all tech providers, on-demand consultation, and capacity for technology sourcing and evaluation.

Speak to an Advisor

See New World’s Process

As most of their services come at no-cost, New World doesn’t not have a “sales process” in the traditional sense. 

New Worlds process starts with free consulting services where your advisor will listen to understand your situation and needs. Then you and your advisor will examine your assumptions and plan to help you avoid blindspots or pain-points. From their you will scope your first project and draft an agreement on how your advisor will serve you.

Speak to an Advisor

See New World’s Process

Like other Trusted Advisors, New World earns commission from the technology providers that you decide to purchase. 

This model allows New World advisors to offer most of their work for free. 

“Won’t this mean that New World will just recommend the solution that earns them the biggest commission?” — Honestly, this does happens in the MSP/Advisor industry. 

However, New World advisors believe that they need find you the best solution, regardless of the size of the commission. New Worlds business is built on help you complete more successful projects. If they can help you be more successful, then New World will be successful too. 

There are times when your project may require additional paid services from New World. This is typically on a per-project basis and will be discussed with you before any work is completed. 

If you have questions about your project, New World’s advisors are ready to speak with you at your convenience!

Speak to an Advisor

See New World’s Process

New World can work with any size company, but they specialize in companies with multiple locations and with 500+ employees. They also enjoy assisting churches, non-profits, and other Christian ministry organizations with technology and energy solutions.